Beyond Pissed!

Today I was at school, walking up the stairs. I was on my way to my 2nd or 4th period class. School ends in about 2 days, but I didn’t want to get a detention for being late. So all of these boys were coming up behind me as I was going up. I was just like ‘OK cool. whatever.’ But then I heard “She thick but she ain’t got no ass.”

No. In. The. Fuck. He. Did. Not.

I was the only girl on the stairs, I KNOW HE WAS TALKING ABOUT ME!!

First of all, I know I have a flat ass. I have to live with me every single day, I know my flaws, but damn mind your business. My body is my muther fucking business.

I just hear him talking to his friend “You said she ain’t got no ass?” Reminding you I hear everything they are saying because I’m right in front of them. Then the guy who said I have no ass said, “I mean she pretty though, she thick and her titties big but she just ain’t got no ass.”

I am 15 years old and a freshmen. This guy looks 42 years old and a freshmen. He makes my skin crawl! I am just an innocent high school girl, my boobs and ass size have nothing to do with you.

Give me 50 ft bitch.

If I didn’t want to be late for my class, I would have made him cry.

So I’m pretty, thick, have big tits, but no ass.

3 out of 4 don’t sound that bad to me.